Creowave Filters Oy is the leading company providing custom designed Radio Frequency Filters for special applications. The company is located in Finland, city of Oulu, which is widely known as one of the Wireless Mobile Technology Development centers globally.

Designing high performance Test Filters

One of our main product areas is Test Filters. Our high performance filters are used by world leading Mobile Network providers when they are measuring their Mobile Systems RF performance. We design and manufacture test filters that customers can rely.

When wireless systems RF performance is verified the measurement results have to be reliable and unwanted signals have to be filtered out, reliable measurement is what counts.

When Creowave Filters are used you can rely on your test filters – no excuses.

Designing high performance low PIM Filters

Creowave Filters Oy is professional on Passive Intermodulation measurement. We also provide low PIM filters for whole range of Wireless Mobile Frequencies.

Designing high performance Special Filters

Outside of Test Filters we also provide miniaturized high performance RF Filters for any special applications. If you need reliable high performance RF filtering and still want to have small size products contact us. Or if your filtering requirement cannot be fulfilled by someone else – perhaps you have not contacted us yet.